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Soul Bound (TV Series Pitch)

February 08, 2018


SoulBound is a horror/thriller fit for prime time cable, or new media. It’s a serialized hybrid that features broad character relationship arcs as well as the evolving mythology of the concept, along with providing unique and varied villains from episode to episode. We anticipate a shorter season length of about 8-12, hour long episodes. In addition, the elements are deep and strong enough to support possible spin off feature films, or using a feature film as a springboard to launch the series.



FBI Behavioral Science Agent Sarah Rogan, begins to encounter wildly violent personalities that seem to defy her scientific understanding. Sarah’s world continues to spin as she comes in contact with the enigmatic Jackson MacAlastair, a man on the fringe who seems to have remarkable insight and power over these strange happenings.


Forsaken Salem

February 01, 2018

For young lovers, Jesse and Sam, the old tree had been a special place for play as children. Today Sam has an extra special surprise for Jesse. Unbeknownst to them, there are other things that find this ground hollowed-things far older and more enigmatic. Lost souls bound by a past of malevolent tribunal. Jesse and Sam find themselves faced with these entities that twists the thin fabric that separates love and life, with vengeance and death. 

Dropping in 2020


April 06, 2018

Dimas is a work in progress. This is laid out for a incredible sub-sequel feature, however, since the synopsis was recently released, it has been suggested to us to reconsider making this beauty a novel first. Keep checking back for more updates.

Criminal Chronicles (History's Lost Footage Ep. 01)

March 25, 2017

June 7th 1977 Ted Bundy Jumped out a courthouse window during one of his trials. The sneaky dude decided to represent himself at the small Aspen Colorado courthouse. During a recess he asked to go to the library to help find books to support his case. He decided to hide behind a book shelf until he had a chance to jump from the second story window. Lost footage was found from this event, and we see why.. The channel 6 news crew was a lost cause... You'll see why.

Turn Back

December 06, 2018

Lori finds herself alone in a place she has never been before. She is unaware of how she arrived and only remembers bits of the last 24 hours. After seeing another person appear she takes desperate measures to get their attention with no success. She can see and hear them, yet, they cannot see or hear her. Alone with nowhere to go and darkness approaching, Lori follows the other wandering people in hopes she finds the answers she needs. Perhaps, there is a lesson to be learned before returning to where she calls home.

Coming 2019

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